Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Preparing for the Realities of Puppy Ownership - Education is Key!

Over the last several years, we as Americans, Canadians, etc, have been blessed with a thing called "Immediate Gratification".  Although this has been great, it has also made us impatient at times.
To raise a puppy, patience is one of the first ingredients we need.  Unlike many items we may buy at the local super store, puppies do not come out of the box, install batteries, and they are ready to go.
Goldendoodle puppies do, however, love to eat disgusting things, roll in smelly things, chew on everything, get sick, and need moderate exercise.  Not much different than most puppies.
Being prepared before your puppy comes into your home is the most desirable.  Below are a list of several good books that I have personally enjoyed and have found useful:

  The Dog Listener by Jan Fennell  www.janfennellthedoglistener.com (my all time favorite)
  Link to Jan's website where you can get books, DVDs, and other resources. 
  The Art of Raising a Puppy by the Monks of New Skete 
  The Dog's Mind by Dr. Bruce Fogle

Being well prepared for a puppy's arrival will make the difference between an easy transition for you/your family and a difficult one, so take the time to read the books and then you can enjoy those first few weeks of puppy ownership.  

You can see our available puppies on our website at www.doodlepuppy.com.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Microchipping- Why is it vital for your Goldendoodle puppy to have a microchip?

One in three pets will go missing at some point during its life.  While an ID tag can help reunite a dog with its family, if the tag falls off or become unreadable, it is useless.  A microchip is a permanent ID that can never be removed or become impossible to read.  The microchip is implanted over the dogs shoulder blades and is about 1/8 inch wide.  Shaped like a grain of rice, this secure microchip is guaranteed for the life of your Goldendoodle.

If your lost dog should be found and taken to a shelter, vet or other pet rescue group, the first thing that will be checked for is a microchip.  A scanner is passed over the pets shoulder area, sending out a radio wave signal to the chip in less than a second.  The pet feels nothing.  When a chip number appears on the scanner  this number can then be used to reunite your pet with you:)

The puppy's microchip must be activated by the owner.  Activating a chip associates your contact information with your pet's microchip number.  If you have not registered the microchip, a shelter will be unable to locate you, leaving your dog at risk of being adopted by someone else -or worse.

All of our puppies here at Sunshine Acres receive a HomeAgain microchip at around 6 to 7 weeks of age.  This provides them with a positive identification here, and gives their new families peace of mind through a permanent ID.

I particularly remember an incident that happened about 5 years ago.  We received a call from AVID saying that an adult Goldendoodle with the microchip number *** *** **** had been found running loose in the Chicago area.  We immediately looked through our records and found the contact information for the family who had purchased this puppy.  We called and asked them if their Goldendoodle was lost.  They replied that no, their dog was not lost and that it was being cared for by a dog sitter while they were on vacation in Florida.  We asked them to contact their sitter just to make sure their dog was still at home.  They soon called back to thank us for reaching them as when they contacted their dog sitter they learned that their Goldendoodle had gotten loose from the dog sitter that afternoon during a walk.  So, a happy ending to a story because of a microchip.  But, a word of caution, our puppies no longer have our initial contact information attached to their microchip number, so be sure you register your puppy's chip in your name ASAP.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Sunshine Acres' beginning: Although Michael grew up on a family farm in Iowa, and was involved in Agriculture, his first experience with genetics was in his undergraduate research with Dr. Walt Fehr’s soybean breeding.  Genetics quickly became an interest to Michael in this work.  In 2000 he located on a rural acreage at our present location near Wolcott, Indiana.  It was then the Doodle dream was conceived and began to materialize.  At this time, there were very few hybrid breeds of dogs available, as the majority of breeders focused only on purebred breeds.  Michael’s interest in genetics led to him deciding to raise a family pet and therapy dog from lines that had been strictly selected for good health, outstanding temperament and trainability that was not a purebred, but a hybrid.  Interestingly, at this time, there were very few Doodle breeders in the U.S, especially in the mid-west.  Few people had ever heard of a “Doodle”.  Michael began to research parent lines, and acquired his first Doodle mother in 2000.  So Sunshine Acres was born, and along with it our first much anticipated and carefully planned for litter of  puppies.  Over the course of the next several years, we carefully selected our Golden Retriever, Irish Setter and Poodle parents from good, healthy lines that were solid in temperament and had coat type and coloring we were looking for.   We have found the Goldendoodles to be a well balanced, tender hearted, warm, wonderful breed that we love to work with.  After years of carefully selecting and breeding our own lines, our Goldendoodle puppies have developed a distinct "Sunshine Acres" look that sets them apart from many other Goldendoodles.  Through experience we have learned which lines make exceptional "Doodle" parents.

WELCOME TO Sunshine Acres and
                                             Doodle Puppy.com

Sunshine Acres has been raising the Goldendoodle since 2002.  Our Goldendoodle puppies are socialized in a family setting following techniques taught by Jan Fennell, The Dog Listener. We own both of our puppies parents, and in most cases, owned their grandparents and great-grandparents as well. Each of our puppies come with a three year health guarantee and a puppy care package.  They are current on their vaccinations and have been given the best of preventative veterinary care.  
Raising Goldendoodles is our family project, as well as a family love.   Our Goldendoodle puppies are socialized with our children and handled individually every day as we know how the trainability and intelligence of a puppy is directly linked to what their early exposures and imprinting have been. Our children and the puppies enjoy interacting with one another.  Since Michael has completed Jan Fennel’s Foundation Course in Canine Communication, our Goldendoodle puppies are socialized according to Jan Fennel, The Dog Listener’s techniques in a family setting. 
Here at Sunshine Acres, our family strives to continually improving the health, genetics, and quality of our parent lines, and is actively involved in breeder education.  We are committed to responsible breeding practices, and are equally dedicated to educating our Goldendoodle puppies’ new families about responsible dog ownership.    If you would like to learn more about Sunshine Acres and our Goldendoodles, talk with some of our Doodle owners on the online forums such as www.goldendoodles.com or www.idog.biz.  We welcome visits by appointment.  Our website also has many testimonials listed from our Goldendoodle puppies owners (see link above).  We are glad to answer any questions you have about our Goldendoodle puppies, or the Goldendoodle breed, not only when you are purchasing a puppy but years afterward as well.  Give us a call at 219-863-3970, or send us an email at info@doodlepuppy.com.
It has been very rewarding to now have many repeat customers as well as customer’s referrals coming to purchase their newest “Best Friend”-a Goldendoodle- from Sunshine Acres. While our puppies are delighted to fill this role of best friend and companion to their families, we also have many of Sunshine Acre’s Goldendoodles filling different roles as they work in search and rescue or as service, therapy or assistance dogs.  Michael and Grover (our Goldendoodle who is a certified Pet Partner with Michael through the Delta Society) enjoy doing Animal Assisted Activity work together at our local nursing home.